In the spring of 2017, a mysterious and peculiar character mades his appearance in Menorca, El Enmascarado Sánchez. He was joined by three other musicians: The Red Boy, Dr. Blackendecker and Eduardo Manosbaquetas. They introduced themselves as a band of merry bandits with the only goal of spreading the gospel of Surf Rock. In the beginning of 2018 The Red Boy quit for sovietic reasons and after an intense search, El Enmascarado found a fellow countryman in Es Migjorn Gran, Speedy González.

It is known that El Enmascarado Sánchez is a distant cousin of the musician from Menorca called Pedro Sánchez (The Other Side, Powertrip, Sarau, Motorbreath), and that’s a fact that boosts speculation for another origin story of the band. Some might say that Sánchez put his masked cousin in contact with some other musicians from the island: Xavi Martí (Bass on Melilotus, Sarau, Sonadors De Son Camaró, Pel de Gall), Xec González (guitar and trumpet) and Eduard Florit (drums on Dalt S’ Era, Black Pearl), with the additions of Albert Mir (VJ on Melilotus).

No one’s aware of the exact deal they made, but they managed to convince a joint in the island to do their thing: surf rock, rockabilly, psychobilly… Covering classic songs and doing some original stuff. The connection with the crowd was total and they added a fifth member that brought to The Trikinis a visual show, with all kind of lysergic/cathodic/vhs-ripped images. El Enmascarado Sánchez and his band of bandoliers became the next big thing in the Menorca summer and up til the end of August they did 12 shows around the island.

Now their only goal is to write original songs that allow them to get out of the island, to which nobody knows how they got in the first place, and expand Surf Rock around the rest of the world.


– Guitar and Vocals –


Born on a nondescript date somewhere in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, there are few known facts about EL Enmascarado’s childhood and teenage years. As an adult he became a smuggler, bushwacker and, tired of camping in the middle of the desert and not seeing a woman in months, he dreamt about a career in show business and crossed the border to work as a roadie for none other than Dick Dale. In California, tired of carrying amplifiers around, he got back on track and planned a massive robbery in the Fender Guitars factory, but his plan was sabotage by a traitor among his men. Being under warrant by the border police in USA and Mexico, he became a fugitive and couldn’t stay at the same place for a long time. He drove a taxi in NYC, was an opera artist in Beijing (hence the trademark mask) and as a mercenary in South Korea. During his worldwide travels he started recruiting a high profile commando of musicians/warriors/terrorists to help those in need and spread the gospel of Surf ROck around the globe. Their name: The Trikinis!


Bass and Backing Vocals


He looks like a guy from Ferreries, but Dr. Blackendecker comes from a thousand-years old chinese dynasty, direct offspring of Genghis Khan. During his youth in Mongolia, he mastered 138 martial arts, as well as Chinese traditional medicine (known in China as “traditional medicine”, that’s all). A luxury life awaited him in the ancient palaces of Beijing, but some weird erotic incident (it is said that he got a politician’s daughter pregnant from 20 feet away, using an old kung-fu technique), he was sentenced to exile.

After months of roaming in Tibet, where he mastered carpentry and obtained a legendary driller built by Hattori Hanzo, the Doctor spend the next bunch of years in Hong Kong, living a lowlife as a musician in brothels (he mastered the bass guitar in 4 minutes due to extreme concentration) and dealing opiates that he smuggled in his travels to Nepal. That was until El Enmascarado, a regular costumer in the brothels (and a regular buyer of opiates) asked him to join him on an unprecedented mission: spread Surf Rock around the world, help those in need and defeat the evil doers.

So, the Doctor joined The Fabolous Trikinis and the res, as they say, is history.


– Drums and Backing Vocals –


The man in charge of the drums in The Trikinis hails from Brooklyn, NY, where he was born in a bohemian, art-collecting family. Surrounded by Warhols, Pollocks and Kandinskys, young Eduardo started practising the rhythms of Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and eventually entered the main music school in the city. There he met a bald professor that made his life miserable (but loved him a little bit), making his practising obsession even worse and leading him to an addiction to energy drinks. On a fateful night he went through an illegal surgery to implant himself a couple of drumsticks in his metacarpal bones, becoming a drummer of unparallelled technique, but also a monster and a social pariah.

After finishing his studies, weighing only 80 pounds and with a fragile mental health, he ran into El Enmascarado who, taking advantage of his pathetic state of mind, schooled him with cheap self-help books, and after a couple of enchiladas and a couple of tequila bottles, convinced him to join The Fabulous Trikinis, half Surf Rock band/half international commando.


– Guitar and Trumpet –


There was no time to fool around, so El Enmascarado started looking for a guitar player on Linkedin, Infojobs and the world famous Util Magazine with pathetic results. After exactly 15 minutes of tireless searching, an exhausted Enmascarado decided to take a break and tasted his recently acquired (through aliexpress) peyote.

In the middle of his astral trip, Jimi Hendrix appeared to him and told him that his new protegée would be a young guitarist from Tijuana: Francisco José Agustín Miguel Santiago González Veracruz, known as the fastest guitar playes South of the border. As he was casually living in Migjorn, el ENmascarado was able to recruit him that same day, and because of his unbelievable guitar speed (and being unable to remember his full name), hi christened him as Speedy González. The circle was closed again, The Trikinis could keep on spreading panic. Go Trikinis Go!


– VJ –


We don’t know much about El Alquimista, not even his name or hir birthplace. He arrived with a suitcase full of old VHS and he is fed by cathodic rays and schizo gifs. By seeing the amount of material on thoses VHS, The Trikinis decided to screen them all on their Surf Rock Shows. Even if he moves around in the shadows and dresses in black, it is hardly possible that he might be Batman.